Tin and copper production

Tin table

Along the bronze trails from the mythical Tartesso in Spain all way to the far east in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia where the precious metal is abundant, tin has accompanied man kind’s progress all the way to modern days.


In the 50’s tin was the choice material for bar tops in the most fashionable and trendy bars. It was subsequently replaced by other materials which carried lower costs of production but also lower tactile and aesthetic qualities.


Tin is a metal with exquisite sensory and aesthetic characteristics. It’s incredibly warm and soft reflection of light makes it a great competitor of steel. Furthermore it is a metal of great personality that incorporates on the surface the marks and scratches of it’s own history conferring designs liveliness and character.

Copper table

Man has long since been attracted to this metal. It’s first use has been recorded as far as 10000 years ago. The alloy of tin and copper has been so important for human kind’s evolution that an entire era has been named after it: the Bronze Age.


Copper is a refined metal. Resistant to oxidation and corrosion t is a ductile and malleable metal and it is the only colored metal besides gold.  Its reddish color, its light reflection qualities and its vitality make it an extremely elegant metal, material of choice of kings and nobleman for decorating halls and homes.


Copper and its alloys provide antibacterial surfaces making them ideal materials for table and counter tops.

Our products

Attention to detail and environmental friendliness are essential production factors. Stannum’s trademark is the synergy between high-end craft tradition and design innovation, which translates in the use of valuable materials, and the most advanced technologies.  Every step of production, from metal melting to assembly is carefully supervised.


Our metal supply is entirely auto produced making the material’s origin entirely traceable and end product 100 % reliable. Our alloys are obtained either by the melt down of excess material or by raw material from countries not subject to restrictions because of military conflicts due to mineral mining. All grounds and frames are made exclusively of solid wood.


Our furnishing solutions are admired for their aesthetic qualities along with their solidity and reliability. Artisanship and design, characteristic of Made in Italy, provide the philosophical framework for Stannum’s design solutions.