DESIGN and sustainability


Stannum partners with design studios, planners and interior decorators. Stannum’s production process guarantees a high level of flexibility and customization both in terms of dimensions and quality of the alloys implemented, allowing designers total creative freedom in the working out of their solutions. 


The most diverse solutions, linear or articulate, scenographic or subdued, are always possible with the same technical flawlessness and simplicity


At Stannum we are sincerely and effectively concerned with environmental issues.


Our effort is more and more geared towards not only the production of quality, durable and sustainable designs but also towards the amelioration of machinery technology for a more efficient and cleaner process. 


Company essential feature is the rapidity of delivery; from order to delivery of the product, we can satisfy very strict requests without neglecting the necessary attention at every stage of production.


Stannum also pays attention to small features may look like the details, but they are not just details. The material used for the packaging of products consists mainly of boxes created from recycled cardboard.